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Mum still isn't well, so I won't be around. Shuichi, you hear that? Not around. Ok?

Anyhow. I've missed too much school to get back to that this year, so Gran is having me tutored until I get to sit the exams next month. Wish me luck.

On to real life, as the adults are always fond of saying, right?

Bye, everyone.

[[ooc: Yep, full hiatus for Ted, because Thay has to grow up, too. Will be back in August, hopefully! Bye guys! Snuffles all around.]]



Mum isn't well.

I should probably owl the school...it may be a while before I get back again.

I wish I knew her favourite things, I think that might help, but she seems mostly happy anyhow.

So...that's where I'll be if anyone needs to get hold of me. Slythermoor, I think it's called.


I've never stowed away aboard a trade ship before.

...At least I got to throw her into the ocean.

Back now. Need sleep and food and a bath.

Hey...my guitar. That's better.

Oh, Draco? How fast can you send an extra flask of wolfsbane over? It's for a friend, he won't know the difference if it tastes foul, so don't worry about that.

P.S. Angel was right. Rats are bloody awful. Thank Merlin for house elves.

[[OOC: Edited to match things up and stuff. Ktnxbye.]]


I guess this is a fandom post even if it is about someone I hate.

This is what I'm chained to. That bitch LeStrange. Ugh, I can't believe I'm related to it. At least I'm related on the disowned side, unlike Draco.

I've been hitting her with rocks. Sometimes she wakes up for a while but then she starts shrilling and I have to hit her again. I'm not worried about causing brain damage, I don't really think it will matter.

This sucks.

[[OOC: Yes, Kate agreed to that! Haha.]]


Something is...wrong.


This has to be the worst karmic joke ever. I don't remember taking massive amounts of hallucinogenic drugs last night, so I'm going to assume that I really did wake up this morning handcuffed to the woman who killed my parents...

No one ever told me she was stupid and shrill. She keeps trying to cast a killing curse on me, in spite of the fact that neither of our wands are working at all.

I didn't get the wolfsbane, Draco, but I don't think I'll be needing it. It's just a shame I won't remember tearing her throat out afterwards. I've never looked forward to changing before, but in this particular case, I don't mind getting my snout bloodied up. I'll bet she tastes like shrew.

Eurgh. In the meantime, I think I'll try and spew on her boots. I had custard and toast last night, I'll bet it won't wash out easily.

I can't believe I finally got out of trouble at school just to wake up trapped in a graveyard with a dead woman who refuses to be maggot chow like she ought to.

Unless I'm dead too and just don't know it. This would be a pretty fitting eternal kind of torment, actually.


Do you know what this is? It is the outside world! I'm finally allowed back there! Finally!

And here is some more, because it's amazing, and you should see it.Collapse )


Because it's time for a fandom post, I think. And because I'm bored.

To keep your retinas in tact...Collapse )

The lion is especially interesting. Hmm.



My wings are gone. Thank Merlin. That took forever.

Maybe they'll take the bars off of my windows, now.


Magic school should be more entertaining than it actually is.

I'm going to bang my head off of the wall repeatedly until I'm not bored anymore.


Oh, Merlin. That was amazing.